Volcanic Wines: Why They’re Special and Where to Find Them

Volcanic wines are not new to the wine industry, but the interest surrounding them has grown like a vine. In other words, they’re fittingly a “hot” topic among sommeliers and recreational drinkers alike. So, is this vino as special as people suggest? A mountain of evidence says yes. 

Volcanic Wines, Explained

Volcanic wines, in simple terms, are wines made from grapes grown on the soils of volcanic lands. This, in itself, infuses them with excitement. Rising from the literal ashes of lava makes for a rebellious Riesling and a provocative Pinot. But the thrill factor isn’t all that volcanic wines have going for them. 

Volcanic wines hail from various places around the world, including Germany, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Oregon, California, Washington, Hawaii, and other regions known for either present or past volcanic activity. Mount Etna in Italy, one of the globe's most famous erupters, is often lauded for its volcanic wines. Hungary produces them, too. While the country no longer has any active volcanoes, it was a hotbed of activity back when triceratops roamed the land. As a result, the nation’s wine regions are filled with volcanic soil. If you’re visiting Hungary, be sure to arrive thirsty! 

What Makes Them Unique?

Volcanic wines are famous for their uniqueness for reasons other than their molten foundation. The soils they grow in are heavy in calcium, magnesium, sodium, sulfur, silicon, iron, and phosphorus, making way for earthy, acidic, flinty, sharp, and smoky flavors that favor savoriness over fruitiness. The wines are filled with a potent tension that many drinkers swear they can taste. 

Volcanic soil also tends to be more resistant to certain pests due to its PH level while enjoying more fertility. The soil isn’t just used to grow grapes, but other crops as well. Cheers to the Cabernet and hurray for the harvest! 

How to Buy Them

The easiest way to buy volcanic wines is the most modern: meet them on the internet. There are several sites that offer suggestions for the best bottles from various volcanic regions. There are sites that sell volcanic wines directly, as well. Despite their distinctiveness, it’s relatively easy to find affordable selections

You don’t have to be a connoisseur to appreciate the once-in-a-winetime experience volcanic wines bring to your palate. With their strong flavor and exceptional history, thoroughly enjoying each sip is a piece of cake….and a piece of grape. 

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