Tips For Starting Your Container Garden This Summer

Feeling inspired to test your green thumb? You may be surprised to discover that you don’t need much space to begin gardening. If you’re on the search for apartments for rent in Boulder, the patios and balconies in our complex are spacious enough tohouse container gardens. If you’re interested in starting a garden from the comfort of your apartment home, here’s what you need to know about growing plants in containers:

Types of Containers to Consider

Container gardens are appealing because they’re ultra-portable and most people find that they’re relatively low maintenance. When you’re ready to begin gardening on your patio or balcony, start by choosing containers that fit your aesthetic. Many types of containers are suitable for small spaces, including terra cotta, wooden barrels, wire baskets, planter boxes, and more.

How to Set Yourself Up For Success

Regardless of the containers you choose to house your plants, it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll need to water the foliage frequently since most containers cause accelerated evaporation. Soil choice will depend upon the plants that you grow, and you can visit this site to find detailed guidelines.

For the summer season in Colorado, annuals are a good choice to help you get started. Annuals that are container garden-friendly include:





Each of these options is heat tolerant, so they’ll bloom during the summertime and add a stunning pop of color to your patio.

If you’re interested in growing fresh veggies or herbs, there are quite a few options that grow well in containers, including:

        Arugula. This plant serves as an excellent salad base and is easy to grow in small spaces. Arugula requires full sun for about six hours a day, but won’t survive full sun in the afternoon. A container comes in handy when growing arugula, as you can allow the plants to get full sun during the morning and move the container in the afternoon.

        Squash. Summer is a great time of year for growing squash, and this plant is generally considered a lower maintenance vegetable. Most varieties of squash need a large container, full sun, and adequate drainage.

        Basil. This herb complements many meals and thrives in warm weather. This annual herb will flourish in pots or window boxes that receive plenty of sunlight and drainage. For more tips on growing basil, head over to this site.

Although many think of spring as the best time of year to begin gardening, summer in Colorado provides ideal conditions for many plants. If you’re on the hunt for apartments for rent, our beautiful complex in Boulder features spacious balconies that are ideal for housing container gardens. For those who would like to garden on a larger scale, we’re also home to a community garden. When you’re ready to explore our floor plans and amenities, please contact our leasing teamfor a virtual tour. 

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