The Buzz on Colorado Local Honey & Bee Products

Our state’s diverse agriculture and wildlife is naturally home to a plethora of bees. Over the past few decades, the health and wellness of bee populations globally has been threatened. Fortunately, there are many purveyors that are attempting to sustain and encourage the livelihood of bee populations, as they directly relate to our access to fresh, healthy foods.

Colorado is home to numerous organizations, makers, farmers, and environmentalists that tirelessly crusade on behalf of the bumblebee. Supporting these companies is as easy as shopping their bee-based products, like beeswax personal care products, fresh honey, and even your own bee-keeping starter kit. Here’s the buzz about Colorado’s bumblebee scene.

Beyond the Hive

As the oldest honey company in Colorado, Beyond the Hive has a history of protecting and working with honeybees. It has far surpassed 100 years in business, having started back in 1908 when the company’s founder became one of the first to transport bumblebees to the area for the practice of beekeeping. This awesome company continues to create products that highlight the amazing work of these insects. From raw honey in many varieties to handcrafted beeswax products, this local business offers something sweet for everyone.

Copoco’s Honey

Did you know that Colorado honey can come in a variety of flavors? Copoco’s Honey offers a plethora of delicious honey sourced from a variety of plants. With varieties like Colorado Clover Honey, Sage Alfalfa Sunflower Honey, and Rocky Mountain Alpine Meadow Honey, one could spend a year sampling everything Copoco’s has to offer. Additionally, it provides patrons with a plethora of resources related to beekeeping and protecting this sacred genus.

Rocky Mountain Bee Supply

For those looking to dip their toes into the exciting world of beekeeping, look no further than Rocky Mountain Bee Supply for assistance in getting started. Its classes provide hands-on instruction for beginners while the storefront boasts an assortment of supplies, including live bees. For those with established hives, Rocky Mountain Bee Supply’s honey extraction service can save a lot of time and effort. Just drop off your drawn-out frames!

Once Upon a Hive

Located in beautiful Estes Park, Once Upon a Hive makes any trip to Rocky Mountain National Park complete. Visit the brick-and-mortar for all the bee-related products you could need. From personal-care products, like beeswax foot balm, to beeswax melts that infuse the air with lightly scented natural fragrances, this cute shop is crazy about honeybees.

Highland Honey

Located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, Highland Honey is a favorite amongst Front Range residents looking for unique takes on classic honey. It offers varieties of herbed and creamed honey that you’ll want to put on everything. It also sells honeybees, including Queens, and offer a pollinating service. Highland Honey takes pride in never heating its honey, since it can destroy the flavor and composition, and boats numerous hives in Boulder County foothills – which adds to the complex, floral flavor profiles of each batch of honey.

Who knew honey could be so complex? In fact, honey is having its moment across the national epicurean and agricultural scenes. As interest in protecting the honeybee grows, so too does the need to support these local businesses that crusade on behalf of these crucial insects.

Habitat Apartments in Gunbarrel places residents in close proximity to a variety of honey producers. Take a short drive or bike ride to Boulder County Farmers Market in Longmont or Boulder and pick up locally sourced and produced honey. Contact us to learn more about our conveniently located pet-friendly apartments. 

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