The Best Recipes for Thanksgiving 2019

When Thanksgiving rolls around each year, our taste buds can hardly contain their excitement. It’s not often we get to create a multi-course meal and then enjoy the superb cuisine unhurried, surrounded by loved ones. Thanksgiving gives us the perfect excuse to build a stout fire in the fireplace, brew a delicious batch of mulled wine, and watch football while chatting and playing games as the turkey slowly roasts to perfection. This treasured holiday is anticipated because of its resolute recipes. No matter how delicious the stuffing is, some may crave a new take on the traditional plates. Here are a few recipes that offer original takes on old classics, so you and your guest can savor beloved flavors while experimenting with innovative ingredients.

Unexpected Entrées

Turkey is the highlight of Thanksgiving, however, there’s more than one way to cook this famous bird. Try a deep-fried turkey for a recipe that is both fun to execute and delicious to eat. Paula Deen and Alton Brown provide their own recipes for cooking a turkey in hot oil and each are equally tasty. Brown’s recipe is a bit more involved but includes brining the turkey in brown sugar, which is sure to give a sweet bite. Moreover, deep frying doesn’t require constant basting and won’t occupy the oven – which may be needed for precious side dishes and pies.

Many believe that ham is for Christmas or Easter, however, this tender meat can be enjoyed on Thanksgiving, as well. A honey-glazed ham is a favorite amongst guests and provides plenty of leftovers for next-day sandwiches. Follow this recipe to cook your own with carrots, onion, and sage for a truly delectable main dish. 

Living in Colorado has many perks, and one of those is our access to sustainably raised beef. Cover your rib roast with a delicious mustard seed and peppercorn blend, then place in the oven fat side down. This recipe is a little more involved and demands flipping and rotating the roast every half-hour, but guarantees a perfectly cooked, melt-in-your-mouth entrée.  

Incredible Sides

From healthy selections to decadent options, Thanksgiving sides should be just as carefully considered as the main dish. Green bean casserole, dinner rolls, stuffing, and cranberry sauce are beloved mainstays, but there are a few ways to spice each up. Swap out the canned cranberry for one that still jiggles, but has much more of a kick from the addition of bay leaves and cardamom. Here’s a recipe for a truly fancy cranberry sauce that will impress even the most traditional of aunts.

What’s Thanksgiving dinner without a crusty, bread-based stuffing? Instead of the stove top varietal, delight your guests with this innovative, herb and fennel stuffing recipe. Its crusty hunks of bread are the perfect vessel for gravy while its herb infusions pair fantastically with Beajolais Noveau.

We feel obliged to pile on a heaping scoop of green been or broccoli casserole, so we don’t feel as guilty getting seconds of dessert later. This year make guests come back for round-two with this dish, which is comprised of Brussel sprouts, pistachios, and lime. These buttery, tangy greens are roasted so Thanksgiving chefs can set them and forget them — at least for half an hour. 

Decadent Desserts

Pumpkin and pecan pies don’t have to be the only Thanksgiving dessert options. Try this three-tiered candied-pecan pear cake that can be created up to three days before, so that’s one less thing on your plate – or maybe one more! For a walk on the lighter side, make this cranberry-port sorbet and serve with shortbread cookies or pound cake. If you simply must have pumpkin something, try this pumpkin roulade with mascarpone and white chocolate. The spice of the pumpkin pair perfectly with the sweet, rich white chocolate.

Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy the company of loved ones, celebrate the commencement of the holiday season, and experiment with new takes on old recipes! Try any of these and your guests will want to plan next year’s Thanksgiving with the first bite of pepper-crusted rib roast. Habitat’s spacious apartments give residents plenty of room to host their own Thanksgiving dinner. Our modern appliances, scenic outdoor spaces, and tranquil atmosphere contribute to a memorable holiday. For more info, contact us today. 

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