Summertime Essentials For Pets

As summertime approaches, you may be looking forward to spending lots of outdoor time with your pet. Although social distancing measures are still recommended for the time being, a walk with your furry friend will provide a much-needed respite from sheltering-in-place. If you’re looking forward to summertime with your furry friend, be sure to seek out dog-friendlyapartments. Once you’re all settled in, here’s what you’ll need to keep your pet healthy and happy all summer long:

Heartworm Prevention

Heartworms are spread by mosquitos. Once your furry friend is infected with heartworms, extensive and costly treatment is necessary to prevent serious health problems such as heart failure. By giving a monthly preventative (that often doubles as flea and parasite prevention), you can ensure that your pet stays heartworm-free.

Reflective Leash

Planning to walk at dawn or dusk? Keep yourself and your pet safe by donning reflective gear. A reflective harness or leash is a great investment for avid walkers and will provide peace of mind on every outing after dark.

Collapsible Water Bowl

If you plan to hit the trails or venture into the mountains for long hikes, bringing water for your furry friend is a must. A collapsible water bowl offers portable hydration for your best friend so you’ll know their needs are met during your adventures.

Travel Towel and Life Vest

The Boulder area is home to several beautiful bodies of water, including dog-friendly Boulder Creek. When bringing your pet to enjoy a dip in the water, it’s helpful to have a travel towel and life vest on hand. A travel towel that stays in your vehicle comes in handy when drying off muddy coats and paws, and a life vest provides safety and security for fearless pets.

Paw Balm

Sticking to paved roads for your outdoor adventures? You wear shoes to protect your feet, and your dog will appreciate a protective layer when walking on hot concrete. Paw balm is an excellent alternative to booties for dogs if your furry friend isn’t a fan of wearing footgear.

Our beautiful summers in Boulder are perfect for enjoying outdoor time with your pet. If you’re on the search for a new home, check out our dog-friendly apartments. At Habitat Apartments, we understand that pets are family. That’s why we offer an impressive selection of pet-friendly amenities that are difficult to find anywhere else. We’re proud to provide unbeatable open space on our seven-acre campus, as well as fenced patios for certain units. In addition to our on-site pet amenities, we’re just across the street from Twin Lakes Open Space, an off-leash park. Ready to see for yourself why our quiet community is the best in Boulder? Contact our leasing team today toarrange a tour. We’d love to have you join the Habitat community!

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