Ramen Nights at The Upstairs Cocktail Lounge

The Kitchen Upstairs is a Boulder favorite and highly celebrated for its fall and winter ramen nights. When cold winds start blowing and you just don’t feel like cooking, head to this esteemed restaurant’s upstairs lounge. Gather with friends over a steaming hot bowl of authentic ramen noodles and spend the evening in the warm glow of this elegant restaurant.

The Ramen Tradition

When most Americans conjure up images of ramen noodles, they often envision late nights in college dorms, noses buried in books, pulling all-nighters as finals blast around the corner. Some may envision cold and dark backcountry evenings with tired campers perched fireside, sipping hot broth from collapsible silicon bowls. While we’ve adopted this meal as one of our own, it is rooted in Japanese culture, where the dish is much more than an inexpensive late-night option.  

Many believe ramen noodles came from Chinese immigrants who landed in Japan during the 19th and 20th centuries. The earliest versions of ramen consisted of wheat noodles in broth topped with Chinese-style roast pork. As this tasty noodle dish won over the hearts of Japanese citizens, ramen was adopted into the country’s culture.

Ramen came to America in the form of instant, pre-packed meals, which would eventually be voted as the best invention to come out of 20th century Japan. Top Ramen released its instant noodle product in 1971 and it quickly became a hit. Now, ramen rests in every corner of the globe. Countless varieties line grocery store shelves, disaster relief kits are packed with the satisfying noodle, and college students everywhere have at least a packet or two lying around their dorms.

About Upstairs Ramen Nights

The Kitchen invites guests to travel to Tokyo without ever leaving Boulder. Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night, diners are treated to delicious bowls of savory ramen noodles during its “Ramen Nights”. Select from multiple iterations, choose your favorite toppings, and dip into this authentically prepared Japanese staple.

In addition to serving up carefully crafted soup, selections of Japanese whiskey, sake, and beer, are available to warm the soul. Known for its unique cocktails, this Boulder locale also offers its very own concoction called “The Port of Tokyo”. Try something new this winter at The Kitchen’s Upstairs Cocktail Lounge.

For the past decade, ramen restaurants have made a fashionable appearance in the foodie scene. Award-winning Manhattan restaurants craft intricate bowls of noodles with rare toppings and charge high prices for a spot at their counters. Regardless of how elevated this dish has become, it’s still reminiscent of a simpler, slower time when home cooks crafted humble noodle dishes using local ingredients and served them up inexpensively to a hungry public. The Kitchen Upstairs blends the historic and modern iterations of ramen for a welcoming yet sophisticated evening complete with satisfying bowls of authentic ramen noodles.   

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