How to Make (and stick with) Successful New Year's Resolutions

Whether it’s to achieve your fitness goals, to quit smoking, or to simply find an apartment for rent of your own, the dawn of a new year offers an opportunity for a fresh start. It’s an opportunity for self-reflection and an opportunity for folks to be intentional about developing healthy rhythms. For many, it’s a chance to push the reset button on bad habits that may have developed over the course of the year. In the same way we have a habit of making resolutions, we also have a habit of abandoning them by Valentine’s Day once we enter back into our regular routines. So as we approach the beginning of 2021, here are a few practical tips to ensure that doesn’t happen with your resolutions this year.

Start Small

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t have big goals or ambitions. Rather, understand that to achieve audacious goals you must take it step-by-step. For example, perhaps you have a goal to run ten miles, but you have never trained for this distance before. The key is to start small and build up. Working toward your goals incrementally will not only make them more realistically tangible, but it will also do wonders for your confidence and encourage you to persevere.

Make a Plan

For any resolution, it’s important to have a proper understanding of each step of the journey from point A to point B. A good starting place when it comes to effective goal setting is making a list of what you intend to do to achieve your goal and a list of obstacles that might stand in your way. Doing this on the front-end will help you prepare for anything that might slow you down.

Build a Support System

The saying is true: there is strength in numbers. A strong support system is an extremely effective tactic for sticking to your resolutions long-term. The added support from those who share the same goals helps keep you motivated and accountable. If you’re new to an area or don’t have a current support system, there are plenty of online groups and forums that are extremely helpful and a great way to build community remotely.

Stay Positive

Focus on the positive - even when you feel discouraged. Don’t be afraid to celebrate yourself often. Reward yourself when you achieve a milestone. On a smaller scale, you can reward yourself with visual cues - for example, making a list and checking off your goals as you achieve them is a great way to show yourself all of the progress you’ve made.

Sticking to your New Year’s resolutions is certainly hard work and requires intentional planning and a goal setting strategy, but it’s not impossible by any means. Our Habitat apartments for rent are convenient to a diverse network of local resources to help you achieve any goal you set in 2021. To learn about our apartment community, please contact our team.

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