Gunbarrel Commons Park

Gunbarrel Commons Park is a private open space owned and maintained by Habitat Apartments and surrounding communities. We are all so proud of this park, a fact that shows clearly in the care that is taken to keep it looking beautiful and pristine all year long.  It’s a gorgeous place to relax and unwind.  Our favorite part?  It’s right outside your apartment door!

There is a long list of reasons why Gunbarrel Commons Park is a favorite feature of our community, so we would be hard pressed to include them all here.  However, we want to share a few highlights with our readers, whether they are residents of the nearby apartments, members of the public, or visitors who are simply passing through Boulder, Colorado. Here are our favorites:

Food Truck Parties

If you haven’t tried the delicious meals prepared by the chefs of these roving restaurants, then you have seriously been missing out!  The Gunbarrel Commons Food Truck Parties have been gaining popularity in recent years, and they have turned into a larger-than-life weekly event, sometimes hosting in excess of 400 guests.  They are a convenient walking distance from the apartments, so they offer a reprieve for residents who would like to take a night off from cooking.  For Boulder residents outside of the Gunbarrel neighborhood, it’s a great way to get out, meet new people, and try something different.

More recently, they have even added a new truck that will cater to your other “family members”.  With Love Ivan is the newest member of the food truck lineup at Gunbarrel Commons Park.  This is an adorable mobile doggie boutique and treat shop, and you’ll love what you find on their health-conscious treat menu (and so will your pup!).  Speaking of pet-friendly…

Recreation for Your Best Friend

The dog-friendly nature of the Gunbarrel community is another reason why this is a great place to call home, and Gunbarrel Commons Park is a perfect example of this.  The park is a haven for pet owners who want to let their pooch out of their apartment to roam.  Also, the park has very low traffic, which should give pet parents a little peace of mind when it comes to dog safety.

Of course, it’s best to only bring your pup out to play at the park if he or she is comfortable around other pets.  We also ask that you are courteous to other park visitors and remember to pick up after your pets.

Unrivaled Natural Beauty

It’s very challenging to speak of Gunbarrel without mentioning the breathtaking scenery that extends as far as the eye can see.  More specifically, the wildlife and greenery of Gunbarrel Commons Park creates such a serene environment that you’ll never want to leave.  Its close proximity to Boulder’s Twin Lakes makes it the perfect place for observing our native flora and fauna, including our cherished Great Horned Owls.  The park also has a path that is perfect for walking and jogging any time of the day, or visitors can grab a bench and enjoy some leisurely reading.

Gunbarrel Commons Park is just one of the many special features of Gunbarrel, and we couldn’t be happier to have this green space as an extension of our very own apartment community.  With new businesses, such as Avery Brewing, coming to Gunbarrel, we expect that the park’s popularity will continue to gain momentum in the coming months.  Make time to come out for a visit.  Get to know your neighbors, enjoy some new scenery, and experience everything that Gunbarrel Commons Park has to offer.

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