Fresh Summertime Recipes

Fruits and vegetables are ripe for the picking, and now is the time to enjoy the bountiful summertime harvest. Here are the top five recipes that you have to try before beginning the overindulgence in fall soups and all things pumpkin spice next season.

Stack Tomato and Burrata Salad

If you like tomatoes, you will love this easy recipe. It is quick to put together, light, and truly delicious. Mozzarella can be substituted for burrata in an emergency, but creamy burrata cheese is glorious, the name literally derived from the word burro, which is Italian for butter, so give the original recipe a try if you can.

Shrimp Tacos with Cabbage Slaw

This recipe is a tasty way to expose children or picky eaters to shrimp. The popcorn shrimp are air-fried and breaded, which helps with texture for the risk-averse and the crunchy cabbage slaw really brightens up the tacos and makes them taste citrusy-fresh. For vegans, this recipe can be modified by substituting pan-fried tempeh as the protein.

Pesto Pasta

Making your own pesto might seem complicated and intimidating, but it is actually easier than you might expect and so worth the effort! This fresh dish can be served hot or cold and can be modified to specific dietary needs by ditching the cheese and/or utilizing a vegan and gluten pasta. There is even vegan pesto, which is surprisingly flavorful and delicious!

Blueberry Summer Salad

Blueberries peak in sweetness at the end of summer, so it is the perfect time to use them in your recipes.  This salad is dense with nutrients and it packs a flavorful punch that everyone will enjoy. There’s crunch in the nuts, freshness in the cucumbers, and there is parmesan cheese! You will love the complex flavor combination of this salad and how the creamy homemade balsamic vinaigrette dressing pulls it all together.

Strawberry Pretzel Pie

Delight your guests by treating them to this cold and yummy, no-bake pie this summer. The pretzel crust and topping gives it the perfect texture and the creamy strawberry-based filling is a scrumptious combination of tart and sweet. There’s no better way to impress guests and finish a meal than by busting out a homemade dessert.

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