Details About The Boulder Environmental/Nature/Outdoors Film Festival

The Boulder Environmental/Nature/Outdoors Film Festival is coming to town July 13th through July 16th and features narratives, documentaries, and short films from around the world. The screenings take place at the Dairy Arts Center’s Boedecker Cinema and the Gordon Gamm Theater and showcase post-screening Q&As featuring filmmakers, scientists, and outdoor sports enthusiasts. A few of the films scheduled to be screened include the following:

Deep in the Heart

Deep in the Heart, as the movie’s title insinuates, explores the soul of Texas through the eyes of its unique wildlife, including catfish and mountain lions. It’s narrated by Matthew McConaughey and travels from the highest peaks to the deepest waters of the Gulf of Mexico, all in the name of conservation and connection. 

Enter the Slipstream

Enter the Slipstream explores the oldest professional cycling team in the US in its quest for victory at the Tour de France. With a focus on the riders, including a superstar rebounding from a career-threatening injury, a seasoned veteran, and a bright-eyed newcomer, this film takes viewers from Columbia to Spain to Paris. It focuses on teamwork, resilience, and the culture of cycling. 

Patrick and the Whale

Patrick and the Whale tells the tale of Patrick Dykstra and a sperm whale named Dolores. After years of diving with whales, Patrick learns how they see, hear, behave, and perceive the presence of other creatures. He also learns how to get closer to them than other humans. This is where Dolores comes in, connecting with him from the depths of the ocean and offering a front-row seat to whalekind. 


Solutions follows a group of innovators, entrepreneurs, and scientists into the dusty desert of New Mexico as they explore a new future for humanity. With a focus on digitization, technology, automation, and artificial intelligence, this film strives to find the answers for everything from financial instability to climate change. 

Crack in the Mountain

Crack in the Mountain ventures into the Hang Son Doong cave in Vietnam, the world’s largest cave passage (complete with its own lake, jungle, and weather patterns). The cave wasn’t explored until 2009 and has since garnered a reputation as the lost world. In 2014, a plan to build a cable car into the cave was proposed, dividing the community. This film focuses on the debate, including sustainability and being an activist in Vietnam, where freedom of speech is often stifled. 

Regardless of your interests, the festival offers something for everyone. You can learn more about the films and see the entire program here.

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