Deep Cleaning to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are at all-time highs across the globe. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased our daily uncertainty and forced many of us out of normal routines, favorite hobbies, and necessary work. Remaining at home is the best way to combat the spread of the coronavirus but it can pose real challenges to us physically and mentally.

Cleaning and tidying up is proven to reduce stress and anxiety; the act of deep cleaning your Boulder apartment can help provide mental relief and clarity. Simply tidying up is helpful, but a thorough cleaning offers an all-day activity with a positive output once completed. Here are some helpful tips for deep cleaning your apartment.

De-Clutter and Organize

You’ll want a clean slate and fewer items to deal with before embarking on a cleaning extravaganza. Spend a few days prior to your deep cleaning going through dressers, closets, and cabinets to remove unwanted items. Consider creating separate donate bins for home goods and apparel to assist overwhelmed second-hand stores. Fortunately, Goodwill and others remain open during the pandemic and are still accepting donations.

Remove Fabrics and Begin Cleaning

Before starting to shake up dust and dirt, remove all rugs, towels, shower curtains and tie up drapes. Wash smaller bath and kitchen mats while laying larger area rugs outside in the shade; these can be beaten out or vacuumed off later in the day. Set aside comforters and blankets so they don’t collect additional debris during your deep clean.

Take It from the Top

Any professional cleaner would advise you to start from the top and work your way down. Dust off light fixtures, ceiling fans, curtain rods, and anything else that doesn’t receive much attention during weekly chores. Wipe off crown molding and take a broom to the corners of each room and closet to oust any eight-legged residents. Use a ladder to safely clean the tops of cabinets, armoires, and shelves. Now’s a good time to use a gentle cleaner after dusting to remove any built-up dirt and debris.  

Don’t Forget About the Appliances

Refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, and stovetops see daily use but are typically overlooked during a light cleaning. Remove everything from the fridge and use a disinfecting spray to wipe down drawers, handles, and shelves. Throw away any expired food or leftovers from many moons ago. Implement an organizational system if you haven’t already to ensure less food is wasted and everyone in the household knows what’s in the fridge.

Remove oven racks and scour with steel wool while setting your oven to “clean” mode, but only do so on a cold day, or ensure your windows are open as the appliance will heat up in order to burn off debris. Wipe down the microwave and its tray. Consider running a cleaning cycle through your dishwasher if necessary.

Prep the Bathrooms

Use a hearty grime-busting cleaning that eats away at soap scum, oils, and hard-water stains to save your lower back. First, dust light fixtures, hardware, and shelving in the bathroom and then spray down all porcelain surfaces with your heavy-duty bathroom cleaner. Read the instructions and allow the formula to sit, as advised. Clean the mirror, countertops, and pictures while waiting, then begin scrubbing everything else down.

Floors Should be Last

Once you’ve cleaned the bathrooms, kitchen, and common areas, start on the floors. Wipe down the baseboards, vacuum all rugs, and mop hard surfaces. Take a cleaning cloth and wipe down underneath cabinet kickboards or other hard-to-reach areas like closet corners or beneath dressers. Mop the higher trafficked rooms first and work your way to smaller areas that can sit and dry, uninterrupted.

Deep cleaning has the ability to lift moods, reduce angst, and promote tranquility. With a clean house, residents will feel better about being home for extended periods of time. For those working remotely, an organized and tidy space can increase productivity at work. There’s really no downside to deep cleaning your Boulder apartment. Habitat’s inviting apartments provide spacious living areas for residents and plenty of outdoor space to soak up Colorado’s ample sunshine. Contactus today to learn more.

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