DIY Lawn Games for the Best Outdoor Shindig

With summertime ending and chillier temperatures around the corner, now is the perfect time to host a get together outside at your spacious Boulder apartment. Soak up the last of summer’s lazy days with a picnic, BBQ, or potluck and invite friends to join in. Here are some simple and DIY lawn games that you can pull together in an afternoon.

Giant Jenga

This interactive Jenga game is a great icebreaker for hosting parties. Write questions on the Jenga blocks so attendees can get to know one another while having a good time. Use 2x4 wooden blocks cut to the same length, and sand the ends to ensure no one gets splinters. Stack these on a table to head height or go even bigger and start from the ground. This game works just like regular-sized Jenga, making it the perfect group party game – no explanation required.

Yard Yahtzee!

If you’re already wood working to create a life-size Jenga game, you may as well create some life-size dice, as well. Cut squares out of 4x4 boards and proceed to mark each side to mirror a regular die. Create six of these and make personal Yahtzee! score boards so guests can keep track of their dice rolls. Go one step further and offer prizes to the winner of each round. Here are the complete instructions to crafting your own Yahtzee! yard game.


A classic yard game, this one requires almost no additional effort yet makes a wonderful addition to any lawn hang out. Pick up two pieces of rebar and some horseshoes. To add festive flare, paint the poles and horseshoes before setting up the game. Once dry, hammer the rebar into the ground and start the game. Whomever gets the closest, wins.

Giant Ring Toss

Unsure of what to do with old hula hoops from your festival days? Repurpose them into fabric-covered giant rings for a life-size ring toss. Using a wooden dowel rod, stable wooden base, and some glue, craft a stand-alone pole on which your party guests can try their best to land a ring of two. Go the extra mile and create multiple stands with varying points or prizes attributed to each. Offer a bottle of wine, gift card, or bragging rights to the winner.

With just a little extra effort, you can make your outdoor shindig something special. Habitat Apartments offers ample lawn space and encourages residents to take full advantage of our beautiful outdoor areas. Hang by the pool, grill out, and play yard games to your heart’s content…and don’t forget to check out our well-stocked Game Shed (which includes Corn Hole)! Contact us today to learn more about our spacious apartments in Boulder.

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