5 Ways to Prep for the New Year

Preparing for the new year involves different things, including wondering how the last year went by so darn quickly. Resolutions, of course, are also a huge part of December 31st, even though we often have a hard time making them stick. But a little prep can make a world of difference. So, as 2023 rears its head, consider doing the following:

Audit Your Life 

Taking a moment to reflect on the past year is a great way to step into 2023 on a determined foot. Consider where you are in life — the goals you want to accomplish and the things you want to do — to get a sense of the direction you want to head in. This type of self-reflection can be quite revealing as long as you’re honest with yourself. 

Make a Gratitude List

New year’s resolutions tend to focus on things you aspire to get, such as a vacation home in Aspen or six-pack abs. But making space for gratitude can help you recognize and appreciate the things you already possess. Take a few moments to make note of your health, your loved ones, your home, and your furry companion. Don’t forget to also be grateful for the things you don’t have and don’t want.  


Decluttering can do wonders for your mental health. A decluttered home can translate into better focus, lower levels of cortisol, and a greater sense of calm. An organized home can also reduce conflict among partners and housemates.

Plan to Learn Something New

New year’s resolutions don’t need to only be about losing weight or saving money. Planning to learn something new, whether it’s pickleball or pottery, is a wonderful way to keep your mind sharp and your hobbies fresh. If you learn something new every year, you’ll never get bored. 

Be Specific in Your Goals

One of the reasons New Year’s resolutions tend to fail is that they’re too broad and often not accompanied by a plan. To up your odds of success, make sure your goal is realistic and specific. Rather than aiming to find a new job, for example, resolve to have your resume updated and ready to go by the end of January. Then, continue your progress from there. 

Whatever you hope 2023 brings, these tips will help you ring it in with willpower. Go make it a happy new year one day at a time.  

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