3 Reasons Why Gunbarrel is the Ideal Habitat

Located in the North Boulder neighborhood of Gunbarrel, the Habitat Apartments are surrounded by beautiful and serene wildlife. The area has several public parks and open spaces where residents and visitors can enjoy scenic nature reserves. Here are some of the best outdoor spots in Gunbarrel:

Twin Lakes

Gunbarrel’s natural gem is undoubtedly Twin Lakes, which is located within walking distance of our rental community. The open space is a wetland reserve with two designated trails—West Twin Lake and East Twin Lake trails—perfect for hikers, cyclists, runners, horseback riders, and dogs on leash. Although boating and swimming are not allowed, visitors are welcome to go fishing.

Twin Lakes is also an ideal place for exploring local wildlife. With a mixture of wetlands and plains, the area is home to a diverse group of species. Sightseers can observe several different animals in their natural habitat, including Eastern CottontailsRed FoxesSnapping TurtlesDowny WoodpeckersRed-tailed Hawks, and the Great Horned Owls. With a well-established nest in Twin Lakes, the majestic owls are an especially popular species for birdwatchers. Although the owls are nocturnal, visitors can catch them in the daytime during their mating season in the spring and summer.

Eaton Park

Adjacent to Twin Lakes, and near our apartment complex, is Eaton Park. This public park is another place to appreciate Gunbarrel’s charming environment, which has picnic areas and unpaved trails for walking or biking. Visitors can go on a nature walk that includes placards identifying native wildlife species, as well as general information about the unique ecosystems of Eaton Park and Twin Lakes.

Boulder Reservoir

Boulder Reservoir is also a great spot for wildlife viewing and recreational activities. Located a short drive north of our apartment rentals, this 700-acre facility is a major hub for Boulder residents during the warmer months. Visitors can partake in a plethora of activities at the Reservoir including boating, kayaking, water skiing, swimming, fishing, horseback riding, biking, running, picnicking, and sun bathing. Wildlife enthusiasts visiting the area to catch a glimpse of its native species should watch for posted signs regarding closures, like the osprey nesting area that is closed off from February 1st – September 10th.

Regardless of the season, Gunbarrel offers a stunning display of incredible wildlife throughout the year. The neighborhood’s pristine parks and open spaces provide homes to various animals and plants, as well as scenic recreational settings for residents.

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